So you want to become a webcam model, huh?

A webcam model's take on what it takes to become a camgirl or camguy.

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This is me, Valentina from CamWithHer, with three years of webcam experience. Read below for information on becoming a webcam model like me...

This is the perfect scam free solution to work from home whether you are male or female. This is a very profitable industry as long as you have the tools to make it happen and the personality to follow through. There are many other pros to becoming a webcam model. You don't have to commute, so you save money on gas and don't have to worry about that awful rush hour traffic! You also make your own hours which makes it incredibly convenient if you are in school or have a family to take care of. In most cases you set your own rates as well! Based on many variables (payouts, reputation, traffic, etc.) I decided to work as a cam girl for the webcam company, SNR Productions, Inc. I have been a cam girl for going on three years now and being able to do this has helped me out not only in my personal life because of the flexibility in this line of work, but it helped me out financially in a tremendous way as I have been able to finally pay off my debts.

The first thing you want to do to become a cam girl or cam guy is surf the web to check out your different prospects for webcam sites. You will want to apply to a website that has models that are similar in appearance to you. Another key factor in choosing the right website for you would be to check the site out as a customer. If you like it as a customer, chances are other customers will like it too. It also gives you the opportunity to see what features the site offers.

You also will want to make sure you are getting a fair percentage of your pay. Customers pay anywhere from 99 cents to 15$ and more per minute depending on the website you are working for. Of course you don't get 100% of what the customer pays because the website gets a cut of it as well for hosting you as a model. They pay for advertising and bring in the traffic so you can have these people as customers so they need to be paid too. However, make sure you are getting at least 40% of your earnings. Most websites will offer around 50% and some websites offer as much as 70% of your earnings. Some webcam models can make six figure incomes and the average hourly earning for a cam girl or cam guy is between 20$ and over 100$. So the money is nothing to scoff at!

Look for websites to join that offer you alternative ways to make money as well. Look for websites that offer fan clubs (your own personal member areas), zip sets (sets of photos and/or videos for sale) and member content (member webcam shows, photos, and videos you can sell to the site that they can offer to their members). These are all great ways to make even more money on top of just your online webcam wages. These tools will help supplement your income online.

You also want to look for a webcam site that will protect your privacy and identity. Make sure you never use your real name when you model. You always want an alias. Also be aware that some of your private chat sessions can get recorded by shady customers. Some customers do this and try to sell them to other websites. This is one of the realities of this line of work, but if you are working for a reputable site they will have a good team working to stop activity like this. They can get any stolen content taken down right away.

Never give out any personal contact information! You should never let your guard down even if you get comfortable with a client because you have to remember webcamming is a job and you are providing a service to strangers. Although you may spend a lot of time chatting with these clients you still do not personally know them, so do not under any circumstances give up your privacy. It is very easy to get manipulated on the internet.

If you are serious about becoming a cam girl or cam guy then you want to make sure you have the right attitude when entering this line of work. Be VERY open minded. You will get lots of requests which you may find strange but don't embarass the clients. You are there to be fulfill their fantasy, even if it is not necessarily yours. If it is something that makes you feel uncomfortable you can always kindly decline though. It helps if you have an outgoing personality and smile a lot. A lot of clients often times just want to get to know a model so always act like you're having fun and act like you are into what you're doing because then the client will enjoy it as well. It will work in your favor if you are an exhibitionist. I don't know of many cam models who are not. Having good acting skills is also very helpful in this line of work. You may have to roleplay on cam so make sure you have a variety of different outfits to play around with.

You may also be asked to be submissive or dominant depending on the client. Of course you don't have to do all of this, but the more versatile and well rounded you are as a cam model the more clients you will attract. You don't want to limit yourself to only one group of people.

Lastly, once you get accepted to a website and you decide that you do in fact want to go through with this, you will need the proper equipment to get started. First of all make sure you internet connection is up to speed. Go with cable if you can, but DSL should do. You do not want to have dial up when webcamming. A desktop computer works just fine for webcamming, but I would suggest a laptop because then you can cam from all different places. Clients sometimes enjoy seeing a model in a bath, in bed, on the floor and where ever else. A change of scenery is always optimal and a laptop is much more functional for something like this.

Make sure you have a variety of different outfits, as well as sex toys. Some websites are only topless so you won't need to use sex toys but other sites are fully nude so you will need at least a handful of different sex toys. Also, it is always good to keep baby oil or lotion on hand as a way to entertain your client. And of course, the most important thing you need is a webcam! When choosing a webcam I would suggest a logitech. You need a good picture as well as audio in order to be successful in this industry. The average webcam is around $80 to $100, but don't worry, once you start camming it will pay for itself in no time.

Given all of this information, you should do great as a webcam model. Now have fun and happy camming!

For more information or to sign up as a webcam model, I recommend contacting the webcam company I work for, SNR Productions, Inc. They are very helpful with questions / concerns.

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